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Nate Evink
I am a Mechanical Engineering Student at Michigan Tech graduating in December of 2019. My engineering experience includes product design and prototyping, quality assurance, and manufacturing design. Outside of my career, I enjoy being outdoors whether it's camping, disc golfing or downhill skiing in the winter. Documenting it all in photos has also been a growing hobby of mine.

Nate Evink is a 5th year Student at Michigan Technological University studying Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Manufacturing. He will be graduating in December of 2019. Previous engineering experience outside of the university includes working at MVP Disc Sports, a young disc golf manufacturing company with big dreams, and Innotec Group, a modernly structured automotive part supplier. Between the two internships, He has acquired knowledge on design engineering, product design, quality assurance, and manufacturing process. Nate is a member of the General Expedition & Adventure Research (GEAR) Enterprise at Michigan Tech. His senior design within the Enterprise is a Department of Defense (DoD) contract that deals with creating a signature reduction device for pilots who have ejected from their aircraft over hostile territory and need to conceal themselves while awaiting distraction.

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