About Me[edit | edit source]

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Hi! I am Nishant Arora. I have completed my Bachelor's from Thapar University, Patiala. I am currently pursuing my Master's in Electrical Engineering from Michigan Technological University. I have done research in Solar Photovoltaics specifically on revival of field aged solar plants. Have adept knowledge on Microgrids and Power system protection.

I have always been keen to explore new horizons, meet new people and making ends meet to learn effective ways to perform practically. With my Working knowledge of subjects,in spring 2016 I got an opportunity to work as a Research Intern at National Institute of Solar Energy, Gurgoan. A Government of India Initiative. Wherein I did research on field aged Solar Photovoltaics, this made me proficient in revival of field aged solar plants and reduction of degradation rate of SPV. My skills were recognized by Professor A.Kulkarni, and he made me his assistant in his new subject Physics and Technology of Renewable Energy for fall 2016. Further, my stellar performance in coursework was noticed by professor Sumit paudyal and he offered me assistant position for spring 2017.

Because of my constant hardworking nature, I was given the opportunity to become Cultural head of North India’s biggest college festival “SATURNALIA- TECHNO CULTURAL FEST”, I have organized national level cultural competitions. I have been an active part of social campaigns such as cancer awareness, Non-Government Organization (NGO) initiated drives to construct washrooms & sanitation facilities for villages – which has given me a lot of satisfaction, confidence. I honed my skills as a Street play artist (theater at random public platform on civic issues); I was a senior member in Thapar Nautanki Team a street play team.

Professional experience[edit | edit source]

• Directed study EE5805 under Prof Wayne Wearver. • Assistant to Prof Sumit paudyal for Power System Analysis 2. Also to prof A. Ambardar for EE 2111 / Electric Circuits I and EE3160 / Linear Systems and Control • Helped Prof A.Kulkarni for EE5900 04 Physics and Technology of Renewable energy (Fall 16). Presented Guest lectures on Solar Photovoltaics degradation and Revival. • 7 months Research Internship at NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF SOLAR ENERGY, GOVERNMENT OF INDIA initiative (Dec 2105 to June 2016).