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Name Josue Candelario
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Name: Josue Candelario

I am freshmen attending Cal Poly Humboldt originally from Pomona, California

Interests[edit | edit source]

  • Movies: No Country for Old Men, Tron, Predator, Children of Men, V for Vendetta, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and The Matrix Trilogy.
  • TV shows: Supernatural, The Event, Conan, The Big Bang Theory, and Seinfeld!
  • My dog is one of my best interests. He is 3 years old, a Siberian husky, and my best friend!

Experience[edit | edit source]

  • College Educated
  • Studying to be an engineer
  • Work experience: American Red Cross, Fast food, and Recreational activities for the City of Pomona.

Cool Stuff[edit | edit source]

  • look for me on Facebook[1]! just type my full name in!
  • Look at this cool Rube Goldberg music video from OK GO[2]
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