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[Morgan O'Brien Linkedin and Resume [1]]

Biography[edit | edit source]

My name is Morgan O'Brien and I am currently an undergraduate student at Michigan Technological University. I am majoring in the field of Mechanical Engineering with a Minor in Alternative Energy. I have a goal to enter into the field of solar specifically Photovoltaic. My undergrad classes have prepared me for a career in renewables as well as my work experience in 3D modeling and FEA software. A lot of my experience has come from working at the Keweenaw Research Center located in Calumet Michigan. The past two years I have been mentored by engineers with a century worth of experience between them all.

Goals[edit | edit source]

My goal is to complete my undergraduate in the Fall of 2019 and start a career in renewable energy. There is a huge need for sustainable practices and new forms of energy for the earth to survive the changes that have already started. I believe it is in my best interest to focus on the advancement of these new energy forms such as PV cell efficiencies and micro grid technologies. With determination I believe that I will be able to achieve a knowledge and understanding of renewable energy to be able to create a business that has my ideals and passion in achieving a goal of a sustainable future.

Acheivements[edit | edit source]

Keewenaw Research Center

Designed and implemented test structures to withstand high energy impacts
Material Tested many forms of industrial steel and polymers for military application
Proficiency in 3D CAD software Pro Creo and FEA software Patran and LS-Dyna

Senior Capstone Design

Design and implement a Wave Energy Converter to harness water waves and convert the mechanical properties to electrical energy
Using the knowledge developed from the Michigan Tech curriculum to create a product from start to finish with minimal aid of advisers
Working with a passionate team to complete a common goal