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I think the first step is to set up a project in the Portal:Projects. Once we have a "home" we can ask in the community for others that are interested or have pointers.

Funding might not be so crucial at this point but it may be needed to develop a rigorous methodology. Without one the trial will not be helpful in the scientific community...

--Mischa Altmann (talk) 02:57, 16 January 2013 (PST)

defining the project[edit | edit source]

  • problem definition:
    • GEM seems successful
    • GEM is not well known and not practised/employed
  • barriers No & enabler Yes
    • No GEM has not been scientifically verified/studied
      • find partner with scientific capability to demonstrate effectiveness
    • No wide scepticism
      • GEM goes against common teachings of eliminating stagnant water
      • develop visual/interactive/etc. aid to explain working of method
        • make it viral (online)? make it fun?
      • document case studies
      • document endorsements from reputable institutions and/or individuals
    • Yes simplicity: near zero cost, near zero effort
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