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Name Mischa Altmann
Registered 2013
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I am always open for a genuine conversation. Please use my talk page...

Mischa Altmann (aka moaltmann)
I am a building my vision of enabling living a life without unwarranted exploitation of man, life or nature. Currently I work on rebuilding values through rediscovering the essence of religion, building resilience into vulnerable communities, and re-kindling the art of listening to build common visions.

Interests[edit | edit source]

  • systems thinking: cause, effect & delay, escalation & balance, big picture, whole systems approach
  • framework for strategic sustainable development (FSSD): a scientifically rigorous definition of sustainability + a host of tools to enable us to get there.
  • sanitation: composting toilets, biogas
  • construction: local materials, native designs, "bio solar haus" by a German retired engineer.
  • Art of Hosting (AoH): hosting and harvesting participatory conversations that matter and result in actions
  • religion and sustainability

Experience[edit | edit source]

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