Matt Reich

Bio[edit | edit source]

My name is Matt Reich, and I am a junior at Michigan Technological University graduating with a Materials Science and Engineering bachelor's degree in the spring of 2021. During the school year I am an intern at the Materials Science Department working with Dr. Joshua Pearce at the Michigan Tech Open Sustainability Technology, MOST, lab. My research pertains mostly to the additive manufacturing of polymers, and experimenting with re:3D's GBX pellet printer.

Other than research, I am a busy student who enjoys playing broomball; going to the gym; exploring the Keweenaw; taking semi-professional photographs; crafting wood, leather, and metal; and playing board games.

Honey Forge[edit | edit source]

Hive Full.jpg

In high school, for my woods class senior year, I designed and built a beehive. I used Autodesk Inventor to digitally model the hive, and MasterCam to program the tool paths for the CNC router to cut out the various components. All the files required to build the Honey Forge, a list of materials, and an indepth description of the Honey Forge are all in the link below.

Honey Forge

M. Reich Photography[edit | edit source]

I have my own semi-professional photography business taking photos of high school seniors and families. Below is the link to my (outdated) website.

MOST Lab[edit | edit source]

Open-source Lab

Here are some link to things I have worked on in the MOST Lab

MOST Injection Molder