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Matt Reich


I am Matt Reich, and a freshman at Michigan Technological University. I graduated from a decently large high school in Minnesota, and took part in a few STEM extracurricular activities there. I founded and led an FTC robotics team my freshman through senior years, and with the help of my great teammates we got second in the state tournament in 2017. I was also apart of my school's FRC team, and was head of design and the lead photographer. Other than robotics I also did speech, track, and founded my own photography business. This bio is a little short, and to the point, but there you go.

Honey Forge[edit]

Hive Full.jpg

In high school, for my woods class senior year, I designed and built a beehive. I used Autodesk Inventor to digitally model the hive, and MasterCam to program the tool paths for the CNC router to cut out the various components. All the files required to build the Honey Forge, a list of materials, and an indepth description of the Honey Forge are all in the link below.

Honey Forge

Academic Plan[edit]

I intend to major in Materials Science and Engineering, and minor in Environmental Sciences, in three years. Then I'll take advantage of the accelerated masters program and get an MSE masters degree in the fourth year. I'm at Michigan Tech to learn, and that's exactly what I intend to do. I wasn't planning on minoring in German, but the opportunity was there when I got here, so I said why not? Why not take advantage of everything I can while I'm here? In the four years I plan on attending Michigan Tech, I'm going to use every resource available to me in every way I can. I want to further my own education in every way possible, so that one day I can more effectively change the world.