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Name Melanie K Barnett
Registered 2012
Impact 1,250
Contributions Mattole Community Center rainwater catchment
Melanie K Barnett

A scholarly student. A people person. Lots of energy, motivation and dedication to give to the world. I enjoy mountain biking, kickboxing, surfing, backpacking and rock climbing.

I have been self supporting myself since I was 16 - therefore, I have an extreme work ethic. I do believe that work/life balance is essential and strive to take time to do as many of the fabulous things this lucky life allows me to.

I love playing music, I sing and write many a song, and shall continue throughout my live-long days.

Currently looking for a challenge. Got one for me?

Interests in Appropriate Technology[edit | edit source]

  • I want to survive self-sustainably when the free markets crash, or when capitalism fails us.
  • I am also interested in working with an appropriate technology or environmental engineering/consulting business that travels the world assisting, consulting and educating. I love people, I have a strange addiction to work and completing goals, and have as much constant energy as the sun. I would love to reach as many as I can, from governmental entities in 3rd world countries to local entrepreneurs, and infect a future of sustainability upon the masses.
  • Learning how to create solar cookers, solar dehydrators, rain water catchment systems, bio-digestion, and most of the ideas we came up with per Wednesday's conversation.

Experience in Appropriate Technology[edit | edit source]

  • Not much experience here... I compost... and grow vegetables, (currently this winter, garlic).
  • As a business major I have less skills in the science department, and more on the professional, people part. But am very, very excited to broaden my knowledge base and learn more about the natural world around us.
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