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About me[edit]

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My name is Maria Diaz and I am a Student at Humboldt State University in Arcata, CA. I am majoring in Environmental Resources Engineering. I came from Los Angeles, CA to a completely different world, Arcata, CA to study Environmental Engineering. I am the first generation to go to college and the youngest in my family. Throughout the time I have been in Arcata I have learned much about independence and responsibility. Leaving home made me much stronger than before coming to college. I like philosophical critical thinking and solving problems. I am also very active and like to spend time outdoors running and working out. I enjoy sports such and cross country, track and field, and soccer and martial arts such as kick boxing. I enjoy music and photography. When at home, I help my father with house work. I like fixing things like the roof and sink, and painting the house. I enjoy hands on work and I like doing it right. That being said I enjoy measurements and geometry, and building things. I also enjoy designing as well. My goal is to someday graduate from Humboldt state University with a degree on Environmental Resources Engineering and to go grad school for Architecture. In the near future I want to build green buildings, which will not only be better for the environment, but better to us humans.

Engineering 215 Portfolio[edit]

  • For Engineering 215, my group and I, Team Looney Dunes, designed an Interactive Display,(FOTD living green, warm and bright display). This is our document that we created while also working on the exhibit [1]
  • An Example of a Spreed Sheet I have done [2]
  • A Gantt chart for the FOTD Living Green, Warm and Bright display. [3]
  • An example of an AutoCad assignment. [4]
  • Here is a memo on the Waste Water Treatment Plant in Arcata [5]