Michael DeMaranville


Michael DeMaranville I am a Environmental Resource Engineer major at Cal Poly Humboldt (HSU). I love to adventure and explore the outdoors.

Interests in Engineering[edit | edit source]

In order:

Tidal wave energy

Wind power


Experience in Engineering[edit | edit source]

photovoltaic electrician (2.5 years) contractor (4 years) Here is a link for the company that i used to work at --- http://www.sierrasolar.com


ENGR 5 - Cabrillo College

ENGR 10 - Cabrillo College

ENGR 115 - Humboldt State

ENGR 215 - Humboldt State

This is a link to a house built in autocad for a assignment in ENGR 215 from Cal Poly Humboldt

This design document was created for a bike trailer made out of up-cycled materials for SCRAP Humboldt

Here is a sample of a memo that I created for ENGR 115 at HSU

This population lab that was constructed for ENGR 115 at HSU

This is a example of a Gantt chart for time management

Design Project[edit | edit source]

This is a Bicycle trailer that was created for SCRAP Humboldt

The trailer was constructed with E.M.T., a wheelchair, and two street signs

Here is the link to see how it was constructed The Coffin

Here is a Link to build one yourself. Instructions

A fun video can be seen here -> ENGR 215 Humboldt State Spring 2013 Up Cycle Coffin

Rube Goldberg Project[edit | edit source]

In engineering 215 we had two weeks to build a [Rube Goldberg Machine] that had a minimum of four steps and was no bigger than 4x4x4. The end goal was to crush a can. My team the NT2 had many steps in reaching the goal, first we programed a arduino to turn on a purple laser that shined on a water ballon. Once the ballon popped the water funneled into a male contraceptive device which once filled with water pushed a 3D printed hollow ball which traveled down a track that set off a rat trap that was tied to a string that pulled a pin upon triggering the trap. the pin was held by a 10 pound weight that fell on a can, completing the task.

You can see the video here -> [Rube Goldberg]

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