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Michael Castellino

About Me[edit | edit source]

Michael Carlo Castellino
I stumbled into the field of environmental engineering by accident. In 2014 I deployed to Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom for an 8 month deployment. We operated a water point and other utility facilities whilst providing water to local nationals and other NATO forces. The impact I saw that this scarce commodity in the Middle East made on everyone inspired me to learn my job as best I could. I became so invested during my 4 years in the Marine Corps, I decided to leave and pursue a degree to continue providing support to individuals who need it most.

Interests in Engineering[edit | edit source]

  • Reverse Osmosis Water Purification
  • Alternative Water Sourcing
  • Water Shed, River, Lake Management

Experience in Engineering[edit | edit source]

  • Water Support Technician at United States Marine Corps.

  • Maintenance Mechanic at Parmatech for injection molding machines and furnaces.

  • Shop assistant / Basic fabricator for "Tuell and Reynolds".