What power does a story have?
A hand thrown, carved, and soda fired chalice made for my high-fire ceramics class final, Fall 2022.

I am an Environmental Studies major at Cal Poly Humboldt, with a minor in Appropriate Technology. I am currently in my final semester of my degree, and instructing a Natural Building course at the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology.

My experience with appropriate technology is some homesteading practice growing up, gardening, making ceramic wares, project research/spreadsheets, 4 CCAT classes (Green Building, Organic Gardening, Sewing and Sustainability, Plant Foraging), and beginning to expand into the realms of project facilitation.

My interests in appropriate technology are in natural building methods, community resiliency planning, water catchment, and gardening.

You can often find me wandering on beaches looking for agates or playing with dirt.

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