About the User[edit | edit source]

Morgan Woods, Fifth year Mechanical and Materials Engineering undergraduate student at Western University. Picture taken 2019-2020 Sunstang Solar Car Project Dynamics Lead.

I am currently studying as a fifth year undergraduate student in Mechanical and Materials Engineering at Western University (Canada). Through involvement in the Sunstang Solar Car Project, a student run megaproject hosted through the university, and an internship in manufacturing automation at Bos Innovations, I have been able to explore engineering on a variety of scales. Across both platforms, I cemented an interest in the research and development component of project planning, FMEA, prototyping, and test planning/execution.

I am a firm believer in advocating for mentorship and interdisciplinary knowledge transfer. In every engineering pursuit, there is typically an element of self-instruction and unknowns that impede project development. These can more efficiently be overcome and efforts translated to more relevant obstacles through accessibility to existing solutions and experience - enter mentorship for in person opportunities and open source. In all accounts, we really do "Stand on the shoulders of giants" (Isaac Newton), and should embrace it!

Projects[edit | edit source]

Fifth Year Capstone[edit | edit source]

For this upcoming year, I am beginning research into the viability of a more simplistic and modular approach to Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA) in the form of a kinematically constrained orthopedic saw. The objective is to improve the cut quality of the distal, anterior, posterior, anterior chamfer, and posterior chamfer femoral cuts, and proximal tibia cut in terms of accuracy and flatness to promote osteo-integration and early fixation of cementless implants compared to alternative manual jig operations and more complex robotic approaches.

Sunstang Solar Car Project[edit | edit source]

I worked as the Dynamics Lead for the Sunstang Solar Car Project in 2019-2020. I was primarily responsible for the designing, prototyping, manufacturing, and testing of the steering, suspension, and braking systems. With the ultimate goal of developing solar car technology that might one day be viable at a production level, this project acted as an outlet for exploring sustainable energy and engineering practices with photovoltaics.

Systems Engineering Intern[edit | edit source]

I worked as a Systems Engineering Intern at Bos Innovations from 2020-2021. There I was involved significantly in quality assurance and the development and execution of onsite test plans to diagnose and remedy failure modes.

Literature Reviews[edit | edit source]

Literature review: Open Source Waste Plastic Sheet Press[edit | edit source]

Literature Review: Self-Ballasted OS Roof PV Rack from Waste Plastic[edit | edit source]

Methods[edit | edit source]

Faculty vehicle booking with Western: FAST

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