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Levi Oxner is a Biomedical and Electrical Engineer Student at Michigan Technological University (MTU). Currently looking for full time employment in engineering after graduation in December 2018. Pursuing both a Biomedical Engineering degree and an Electrical Engineering degree from MTU is making him very multidisciplinary. His involvement on and off the MTU campus includes:

  • Team Leader and Systems Engineer of the Command and Data Handling team for the Aerospace Enterprise
  • Youth Development Leader at BHK Child Development in Dollar Bay Schools
  • Coaching the Houghton High School Diving team
  • Water Polo Club at MTU

Currently, Levi is learning the ways of Open Source development and 3D Printing through Professor J.M. Pearce.

Major Projects: 3d printable prosthetic foot


Reprap.png This user is a member with an interest and knowledge of 3-D printing.

Picture gallery[edit]

3D Printer Project gallery
Remix of the filament spool holder for Athena II to have a rounded contact to the spool for smoother rotation.  
Pyramid stack art