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About Me[edit]

Name: Laythen Martines


I like to play basketball. I am a junior at Humboldt State University, and am in the ERE Major [[1]]. I love living near the redwoods and think that we are lucky to be in such a beautiful place.

Interests in Engineering[edit]

I am interested in water resource, construction, and electrical engineering. I recently designed and implemented a solar powered station at Friends of the Dunes. The solar power was used to charge lights that were used to light the trail at Friends of the Dunes that runs from the parking lot to the Humboldt Coastal Nature Center.

Experience in Engineering[edit]

I have some experience in electrical engineering and in construction (I made a composting machine that can be seen by following this link---> CCAT's_Vermicomposting_Bin). I also made a solar system for a house off grid in Weaverville, California. I helped build a 2 story 4,000 square foot house in Eureka, California, and plan to help build more homes.

My Current Engineering Courses:

ENGR 115: Intro to Env Resources Engr Instructor: Margaret Lang Instructor: Kristen Radecsky

ENGR 210: Solid Mechanics Statics Pat DuRant: Allison Campbell Pat DuRant: Patricia Du Rant

ENGR 210: Solid Mechanics Statics Instructor: Allison Campbell Instructor: Patricia Du Rant

ENGR 215: Intro to Design Instructor: Lonny Grafman Instructor: Sheri Woo

[2] Arcata Marsh Memo Link

[3] PV vs. Efficient Lights, Spreadsheet

[4] Gantt Chart

[5] Solar Powered Trail Lighting Document

[6] Auto Cad House

[7] We Had a Bright Idea