Kristan Korns reporting from Arts Alive in Eureka, California. Paintings by local artist Augustus Clark are in the background.
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Name Kristan Korns
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Name: Kristan Korns

Kristan Korns is studying Journalism and French at Cal Poly Humboldt, and will be graduating in May 2012. He was the multimedia and online editor for the Lumberjack Newspaper, after working as both a staff writer and photographer.

Kristan Korns' local written stories have ranged from breaking news on crime, to the Occupy Humboldt protests, to features on religion on campus. His local video pieces have ranged from features on Red Panda Day at the Zoo, to on-the-scene coverage of the closure of Redwood Park on 4/20.

Kristan Korns is currently interning as a videographer/digital production assistant at Access Humboldt in Eureka.

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