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Fig. 1: This is my road bike

Kelsey Whalen[edit]


I am a fourth year majoring in Materials Science and Engineering and minoring in German. I'm from Woodbury, MN but decided to go to Michigan Tech because of the engineering program and the amount of snow Houghton gets each year. I have an older sister that lives in Vancouver, BC.


  • Downhill ski racing- this is a family tradition that my sister, dad, and I did every Sunday growing up
  • Cross country skiing
  • Running
  • Road biking
  • Mountain biking

Internship Experience[edit]

  • Alcoa Davenport Works-Metallurgical Intern
  1. Coordinated large scale experiments while staying within environmental constraints
  2. Simulated a production line in a lab setting under a strict deadline
  3. Reduced scrap metal through alterations in heat treat temperature
  4. Reduced process time through changes in annealing temperatures
  5. Calculated a $680,000 yearly impact if my projects were implemented
  • Ativa Medical Inc.- Engineering Intern
  1. Operated a laser to cut various materials for disposable cards to be tested in a blood analyzer
  2. Assembled layers of test cards for various applications
  3. Inspected cards prior to being tested for imperfections that could interfere with the blood analyzer and labeled these cards to be tested
  4. Revised technical documents


  • President- Alpha Sigma Mu
  • Social Chair- Materials United
  • Vice President- Michigan Tech Nordic Ski Club