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About Me[edit]

I am a sophomore attending Humboldt State University, where I am double majoring in environmental resources engineeringand applied mathematics. I also play women's collegiate basketball here at Humboldt. Through engineering I hope to use my creativity and analytical skills to facilitate living and protect the environment.

Experience in Engineering[edit]

  • Summer 2010 I will be interning with Boeing in EHS Policy Analysis as an environmental engineer.
  • Summer 2009 I interned at a Anchor-QEA, a private environmental engineering firm in Seattle.
  • Created an appropedia page with Heather Baker in Intro to Engineering.
  • In Engineering 215 Intro to Design Spring 2010, two other students and I collaborated our efforts to design an inner wall system for relief and temporary housing.


  • The document outlining our semester long design process can be read here: Make It Complete With Papercrete
  • If you're curious about how much time I spent on Engr 215 look here.
  • Here is a nice memo I wrote in Engr 115 to Dustin Poppendieck.
  • The only Gantt Chart I've ever made was on Open+Pario and consists of just two assigned tasks: Lonely Gantt Chart
  • A CAD drawing I made in one of the Engr 215 labs: Pretty CAD
  • This is my most current resumee.

Favorite Sites[edit]

My favorite site on Appropedia is the Architecture for Humanity page. Here is information on the Arcata Marsh.