About Me[edit | edit source]

Hello! My name is Kellan Martin and I am an undergraduate student at Michigan Technological University studying Materials Science and Engineering. If you meet me in person I will probably be really happy to meet you and excited to know more about yourself!

Things I Like to Do in My Dwindling Spare Time[edit | edit source]

  • Read (Books, Magazines, etc.)
  • Play Video Games
  • Go Outside
  • Learn Something New

Work Experience[edit | edit source]

Summer Research Intern at Michigan Technological University

  • Polishing Samples of Various Materials: Ductile Iron, Aluminum, etc
  • Metallographic Analysis (Mainly of Ductile Iron): Nodularity, Grain Size, Nodule Counts, Carbide Counts
  • Machining of Various Materials for Graduate Student Projects
  • Work on Constructing an Organic Caster

Project Experience[edit | edit source]

Organic Caster Project[edit | edit source]

  • Still in Construction
  • Machining and then putting together various materials that make up the caster

Pacemaker Semiconductor Recycling Project[edit | edit source]

  • Class project for MY3701
  • Determine semiconductors used in pacemakers
  • Determine the viability of recycling the semiconductors used in Pacemakers

Skills[edit | edit source]

  • Machining
  • Metallographic Analysis
  • Sample Polishing

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