A snowman I made from hailstones in 2020

Hi, I'm Katie. I'm a freshman at Cal Poly Humboldt in the Environmental Resources Engineering (ERE) program.

Design Experience[edit | edit source]

  • Built a remotely operated underwater vehicle
  • Helped design a gel transilluminator box
  • Chindogu Engr 215 project

Portfolio[edit | edit source]

In Engineering 215, Intro to Design, we completed a semester long group design project for the campus of Catherine L. Zane Middle School. My group, Team T.A.L.K., and I designed and built an up-cycled bench made of used snowboards and donated wood. Here is a link to our project: Zane Middle School snowboard benches

Below are links to other examples of my work in the ERE program:

Discussion[View | Edit]

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