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On Isla Del Sol, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

About Me[edit]

Name: Kaitlyn Manishin

I am a first year Environmental Resource Engineering student at Humboldt State University.

Interests in Engineering[edit]

  • Water Quality Management
  • Renewable Energy
  • Beach/Dune Restoration

Experience in Engineering[edit]

  • Currently taking ENGR 115 with Prof. Lang
  • Currently taking ENGR 225 with Prof. Grafman
  • Built and launched model rockets as a kid.

Motivation For Studying Engineering[edit]

  • To work out solutions to environmental problem.
  • To preserve places of natural beauty for years to come.
  • To restore places of natural beauty that have been negatively influenced by humans.
  • To figure out technologies that allow humans to live more harmoniously with the planet.