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Kai Patterson "Loves his mouth"[edit]

David Kai Patterson was born February 13th, 1995 and is an American Filmmaker from Honolulu, Hawaii USA. He currently lives in St. Louis, Missouri. He is a writer/producer/director/editor best known for the short films "Red Mission" and "The Caulfield Killer." When he is not writing stories, producing movies, taking pictures, or creating 3D Visual Effects, he's making things up on the spot, participating in one of his favorite hobbies: Improv Comedy. Cries often.


3D Printing[edit]

Kai has had no prior experience with 3D Printing until this year when signing up for a 3D Printing Class that was offered at the college he attends. Using his knowledge of 3D Modeling & Animation, Kai has already begun printing his own designs.


Kai attended public school in Honolulu, Hawaii from preschool until 8th grade, when his family moved to the Midwest. He attended Principia Upper School and now attends Principia College as a Philosophy major. He is expected to graduate in May of 2018.


Poops pants consistently. Is also a gummy bear.

Open Source[edit]

The Open Source movement to me is a community of people who come together with a common goal of free sharing and genuine desire for progress in whatever field they are pursuing to master. What attracts me to this movement is the real sense of community that it builds and how everyone is encouraged to share new discoveries that will benefit the whole of the community. My experience in building my very own Jellybox 3D Printer was participation in the Open Source Movement because I am now able to help my classmates by sharing the things I have learned about the 3D Printing process as well as being able to learn from my peers who show a mastery of the craft. The possibilities are endless with 3D printing technologies and I definitely plan to use this printer in order to create props for the short films I produce as well as for personal branding such as printing my own business cards.

My Stuff[edit]

Picture Description Something else
Hotend.JPG This is the hot end we are using on our JellyBox Something else


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