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Name Jonathan Ansumana
Interests 3D printing, OSH
Groups 242-2018 People
Courses ENGR242
Registered 2018
Impact 178
Contributions Hand Powered Washing Machine
Reflective paragraph on your participation in the Open Source movement:

The open source movement is a great way to share free software around the world. The open source movement allows people to collaborate on project, get major feedback, and help solve problems for a price of $0!

- what attracts you to it (or distances you from it)

I am attracted to the movement because it is a source of free software. I really like the fact that there is a lot of transparency in the open source movement. Code that I submit today can be used tomorrow to solve a different problem in another corner of the world. The most attractive thing about the open source movement is the ability to personalize open source code to fit your current demands.

- how your Jellybox build experience was participation in the Open Source movement

The Jelly box build experience was an essential part of the Open Source movement and the rep rap project. A good amount of the parts used to build my printer were 3D Printed. After building the printer, I will be using a lot of open source code to print desired objects. I will also be publishing and modifying G-Code and sharing it for others to use.

- where you might go with it in the future

In the future, I see my self designing and printing sandals that I can use on the beach. This could also be useful in third world countries for those who don't have shoes.

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IMG 1459.jpeg Keltic Vase
IMG 1533.jpeg Test Tube Holder
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