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John Smith[edit | edit source]

Bio: I am a senior at Michigan Technological University studying Materials Science and Engineering. I am a member of the Advanced Metalworks Enterprise and a recent admit of the Pavlis Honors College. The opportunity to innovate and to change the world for the better is what drew me to the field of engineering. Participating in research would allow me to take steps towards achieving my aspirations and help me determine what I would like to pursue in the future.

Educational Background[edit | edit source]

  • L'Anse Area High School High School: Class of 2012
  • Michigan Technological University: Expected 2017
  • Materials Science & Engineering

Technical Skills[edit | edit source]

  • Microsoft Office
  • NX 8.5
  • Magma 5.3
  • Minitab
  • 3Play
  • Characterization Techniques

Project Experience[edit | edit source]

Internship: ArcelorMittal 2015 & 2016

  • Project 1: Furnace Tears
  • Objective: To research and gather data concerning nodules and the formation of w-type slivers in re-heat furnaces. Decide on a corrective plan of action based on scientific reasoning to eliminate w-type sliver formation from nodules.
  • Project 2: OES Steel Making Sliver Analysis
  • Objective: Determine whether or not the Spectro OES is still calibrated correctly and to start collecting data in order to statistically identify and classify slivers on the line.
  • Project 3: Shape
  • Objective:Determine a method for manually measuring shape at the 2CGL, verifying the line is statistically capable of holding to the ASTM shape standard. In addition, identify areas of improvement.
  • Project 4: Width
  • Objective: Understand width performance through 5PKL, 80TD, 2CGL by verifying width gauges. Compare width measurements to verify 80TD and 2CGL necking allowances.

Advanced Metalworks Enterprise

  • Project: ShoQ Al Alloying (Team Leader)
  • Objective: Understanding how the combined effects of silicon modification and grain refinement effect feeding in thick/thin walled castings
  • Project: GM Aluminum Coach Joint (Team Leader)
  • Objective: Develop a testing method to validate coach joint performance
  • Project: ArcelorMittal Nodule Reduction (Team Leader)
  • Objective: Understand how the combination of thermodynamic and mechanical sliding forces produce "nodules"

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Team Experience[edit | edit source]

  • Advanced Metalworks Enterprise (VP 2015)
  • ArcelorMittal Internships
  • ENG1101 & ENG1102 Team Projects