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Brief Introduction
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To be an ecologically sustainable, socially just and spiritually fulfilled presence on this planet.....I've been living in Costa Rica for about 5 years now to nourish Sustainable Community in alignment with the Ecovillage Designer's Curriculum; and am seeking to network with all who honor of All Our Relations.

Last year I joined with those who conducted Rainforest Aid here, and we are beginning to organize to do that again..

We are looking for help in undertaking an Ecovillage Designers' Skills Exchange Festival. There is a lot going on here in Costa Rica that we would like to share with each other and with the world; and are grateful to all who are sharing and lighting this way with us, for the benefit of all beings.

Many thanks to you here at Appropedia for the light you are to all along (y)our path.

The Rainbow Hostel
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Am currently involved in The Rainbow Hostel, in Golfito near the Osa Penninsula and the border with Panama.  The Hostel serves many purposes, AND it is emerging primarily as a transforming experiential learning center in Social Sustainability. We can also put you in touch with more than 60 communities / projects in Costat Rica who are engaged in various aspects of alternative / sustainable living.  The number of such projects and communities in Costa Rica is unique in Latin America; and additionally remarkable because Costa Rica is relatively small compared to most other countries in Latin America.

Social Sustainability
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Most projects find it easier to focus on the more objective sustainability issues like environment, construction and economics.  These are fundamental to success and no less so than the questions of how we get along with each other while we are doing that; and, oh yes, by the way why are we all here doing that anyway!?!

The Rainbow Hostel is so named because most of our Social Infrastructure is derived from the ways of Rainbow Gatherings.  These ways have an extraordinary record of success on a global scale, attracting and inspiring hundreds of thousands to gatherings all over our planet; and in being Welcom HOME with each other. 

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