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Redwood Dugout Canoe on the Eel River

About Ish-Kaysh Tripp[edit]

I am a 20 year old Yurok and Karuk Indigenous person, native to villages on Big Lagoon and on the Salmon River in Northern California. My experience as a native person has lead me to pursue the profession of Environmental Resources Engineering. I plan on utilizing my education to contribute to the restoration of the mountain creeks affected by generations of logging and the genocidal times of the gold rush. These watersheds are crucial to the reproductive processes of the aqua life(salmon/lamprey) my people have depended on since the beginning of time.

Interests in Engineering[edit]

-Utilizing engineering techniques/technology to the benefit of the natural environment in which we depend on.

-Utilizing the natural environment for it's potential clean energy without causing major impacts.

-Using Environmental Resources Engineering to improve the health of my people's ancestral territory, and as a result, my people's well being.

Experience in Engineering[edit]

-Participated in a group Rube Goldberg project that crushed a can.

-Built a shop-vac powered hover board in the 6th grade for science fair.

-Not exactly engineering related, but I participated in an internship that resulted in a study covering the benefits that cold water refugias have on juvenile coho salmon survival on the Scott River.


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