Muddy water will clear when left alone, but an engineer can do it faster.
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Name Maxinne Hernandez Evans
Affiliations Cal Poly Humboldt
Registered 2019
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I'm just looking for a way to make only positive impressions on Earth!

Interests in Engineering[edit | edit source]

  • Water is life, yet one of the things most taken for granted. I believe there are ways to efficiently make water more accessible to people, and that we can normalize knowledge in water purification.
  • Damage of an ecosystem's main source of water impacts each of its individual parts. I want to focus on healing water, as well as the life within it. The relationship between water and salmon is a particular interest of mine.
  • I dream of building a house on a large hill with a hydropower/water purification system that uses the geography to create energy for itself, and for the house.

Experience in Engineering[edit | edit source]

  • I have experience from engineering courses at Cal Poly Humboldt. I am working on my Bachelor's Degree.
  • I know how waste water is treated, have visited a waste water treatment plant, and can perform calculations necessary to monitor/maintain the quality of water.
  • I have built a Rube Goldberg with the purpose of turning off a switch, for my Engineering 215 course. When presented, it performed successfully. [1]
  • I, along with three other group members, designed an outdoor seating area at Zane Middle School. This was done for my Engineering 215 class, which focused on design in engineering. The outdoor area consisted of a cement pathway and three planters made from reused concrete blocks. Here is the project Appropedia page.

Geometrees Appropedia Page

Portfolio[edit | edit source]

  • Example Document This is the document created as a collaboration, with my Engineering 215 group the Geometrees.
  • Example Memo Here is one of the memos I wrote for the Literature Review section of our design outline.
  • Example Timesheet This is the timesheet I put together that shows how many hours I spent on my Engineering 215 class.
  • Example Gantt Chart this is the Gantt chart created for my engineering 215 design project. It was a team effort by the group Geometrees.
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