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Name Heather Lemmex
Location Edinboro, Pennsylvania
Languages English, Deutsch
Interests Deutsch
Courses Ger308
Registered 2010
Impact 546
Contributions Bewässerungsmethoden
Technical phrase language translations

Hi my name is Heather Lemmex and I attend Edinboro University, and I am a German Major. I lived in Germany for 5 years. I was 9 when I moved over there and 14 when I had to move back. This was the reason I decided to have my major German, because I already knew the language. I want to be an interpreter/translator. I am also taking Spanish so that I would know 3 languages. I love to horseback ride, dance, and hang out with my friends. Family and friends mean the world to me. I am very outgoing, an always have something to talk about. I hate drama and I am very determined to finish school as soon as possible, and hoping to pursue my dreams and goals. After I am done school I would like to move back to Europe and pursue my career there. Well that pretty much sums everything up about me.

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