29th October 2020 - Per Aspera Ad Astra

Academic Background[edit | edit source]

Liceo Scientifico Antonio Orsini                                                    High School Diploma                                                      2012 - 2017 Graduation Mark: 95 / 100                                                     Università Politecnica delle Marche                                           Bachelor's Degree in Computer and Automation Engineering                 2017 - 2020 Graduation Mark: 106 / 110                                                    Università Politecnica delle Marche                                             Master's Degree in Computer and Automation Engineering                   2020 -  __   In progress     

Professional Experience[edit | edit source]

Curricular Internship at Università Politecnica delle Marche April 2020 - September 2020[edit | edit source]

Study and analysis of Data-Driven Model Free Adaptive Control methods developed by Zhongsheng Hou and Shangtai Jin for discrete-time nonlinear systems implemented through Matlab's Simulink.

Curricular Internship at Western University February 2022 - July 2022[edit | edit source]

Design, creation and validation of a new camera-based sensor for the measurement of water quality changes in wastewater samples

Reasearch Interests[edit | edit source]

My interests are many and varied, ranging from my fields of study, automation and computer science, but they are also aimed at automotive, robotics, innovation and research for green solutions that combine the different technologies in these fields

Projects 2021 - 2022[edit | edit source]

Water Quality Surveillance Using Cameras February 2022 - July 2022[edit | edit source]

The project realized for the master's degree internship, it has been carried out in collaboration between Western University and the Università Politecnica delle Marche. It saw the creation of an first prototype for laboratory analysis and experimental verification and validation of the idea that stands behind it. The realized system works and is able to determine variations on different wastewater samples using an industrial USB camera and LEDs of different wavelengths. Further development of this project has varied applications, having only scratched the surface of the potential this may have

MultiCamera Project September 2021 – January 2022[edit | edit source]

This project has been carried out for a Mechatronic class of the master’s degree course I am enrolled right now with other two students. The core were 3 cameras UnitV2 controlled by one M5StickC Plus. The M5 was connected to a public MQTT broker server to control the signals and give the right input.                                         The aim was using the 3 cameras mounted on Y structure to reconstruct objects and scenes with point clouds and features detection algorithms developed in MatLab

Wicked Land Project May 2022 – July 2022[edit | edit source]

This project had the aim to create a platform game in 2D on Unity. This project was related to a Computer Graphics class of the master’s degree course in Automation and Computer Science. This project was realized with other 2 students and we had to create the game following the professor requests: three levels, several characters, different enemies with also a final boss figth, and traps e so on.

TM5-900 Manipulator Control in ROS Gazebo November 2021 - Jenuary 2022[edit | edit source]

This project have been developed for the class of Dynamic and Control of Intelligent  Robots and Vehicles. The purpose of our project was to bring the TM5-900 manipulator model back into the ROS-Gazebo simulation environment. Having the possibility to define its movements by making sure that it avoids any obstacles present along the path we have planned. To do this, we worked with the model given to us, solving the problems that prevented the communication between MoveIt-Rviz and Gazebo and re-establishing the possibility to control the manipulator by modifying and creating new files.

Project 2020 - 2021[edit | edit source]

Control System Design April 2021 - June 2021[edit | edit source]

The project carried out for the Control System Design course, carried out with a group of two other students, involved the control of a DIY Kit Bala.C through an M5Stick C using optimal control techniques such as Kalman filter and LQR and LQG techniques and a comparison with the PID controller in both MatLab simulation and real robot.

I_4.0_6 Internet of Things + I_4.0_5 Horizontal/Vertical Integration May 2021 - June 2021[edit | edit source]

The work was done as a group, on a dataset describing companies and projects nationwide over several years. The data, handed over to us by the professor of the Business Organization course, had to be filtered according to scope and requirements, going in search of trends, extrapolating an analysis of these, contextualizing everything in time, place, and the sector assigned to us: IoT and Industry 4.0

JET MARKET - JEMA 4.0: Market of the Future November 2020 - Jenuary 2021[edit | edit source]

The work was done by group of 4 students for the Project Management exam with the objective of simulating the work of the project manager following the guidelines given by PMI. We had to simulate a project by responding to a national call for proposals and filling out all the necessary documents by managing the individual areas, from workers, to possible risks, costs and timelines etc. The scope had to be connected with the ICT areas and our idea was a renovation of a chain of shopping malls through the introduction of automated robots

Bachelor's Projects[edit | edit source]

The internship work, for the bachelor's degree, consisted of a study and application of an innovative fully data-driven control method for discrete-time nonlinear systems. This method was used on Matlab Simulnk to control different systems and compared to PID controller
The project related to the Control Systems Modeling and Identification course consisted, given a noisy dataset, to analyze and model it through Matlab's System Identification Toobox
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