Friedel Pretorius

Name: Friedel Pretorius

Originally from Colorado, I am now in my fourth year at Cal Poly Humboldt studying Environmental Engineering. I have a passion for helping others and solving problems. I intend to use my degree to make the community around me a better place.

Interests in Engineering[edit | edit source]

  • Clean drinking water is a right all people have and any project focusing on making clean water easily and cheaply available is worth praise.
  • Innovations are equally as genius as original solutions, because not only do the innovators take time to recognize the complexity of a solution, but they also ask how it can be better.
  • My interests in engineering extend to anything that results in the better quality of life for the average individual.

Experience in Engineering[edit | edit source]

  • My experience in engineering stretches little further than education and research. I have had a little time with my hands on engineer-specific project, but as for finding solutions to everyday problems in everyday approaches- well, I guess I have been doing that most my life.

Engineering 215 Portfolio[edit | edit source]

The following links are examples of my abilities to:

  • Use properties of dynamic physics to design and construct a trebuchet: Youtube video
  • Work with Humboldt State EWB student chapter to develope a ram pump: Youtube video

Discussion[View | Edit]

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