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Chillan in the Humboldt Community Forest

About Me[edit]

I am currently enrolled and Humboldt State University as an Environmental Resources Engineering Major. Besides studying, I enjoy being out in nature, playing soccer,dancing and creating different forms of art. I am very passionate about the environment and hope to someday make a difference through engineering.

Interests in Engineering[edit]

Right now my main interests in engineering are water quality and indoor air quality. I am also interested in becoming more skilled at the online designing systems like CAD. I hope to join the peace corps after I graduate and continue traveling for engineering work.

Experience in Engineering[edit]

So far at Humboldt, I have only been in ENGR 115, Into to ERE and I am currently enrolled in ENGR 215, Intro to design. I have had experience working in the City of Carlsbad's transportation Department, where I interviewed the traffic engineers about their projects aligned with the livable streets initiative. Other than these experiences and projects I am currently working on in Intro to Design such as the Rube Goldberg, my experience is limited and I am excited to learn and participate more in upcoming projects throughout my years at HSU.


Sample Documents[edit]