Welcome to my page!

Combining my passions for helping others and engineering, I am currenly pursuing my Bachelor's of Science in Biomedical Engineering at Michigan Technological University. I am graudating in May 2019 and actively searching for full time career opportunities to gain experience in the healthcare/med tech industry. My interests fall into Clinical Engineering, Rehabilitation Engineering, Prosthetics and Orthotics, Medical Devices and other areas that bring creative solutions to improve the quality of life for others.

I have internship experience in the manufacturing, automotive, plastics and medical device fields. Check out my Linkedin page for a more detailed description of my experiences.

About This Page: MY4777[edit | edit source]

This page was created as an assignment for the Open Source 3D Printing course (MY4777) at Michigan Tech. I was very excited that I had the opportunity to take this course my senior year. The course provides an introduction to distributed additive manufacturing using open-source 3-D printing. Each student in the course is responsible for building a RepRap 3-D printer which we will use to complete the class projects. I will be using this page to upload and share information about my class projects.

My Class projects[edit | edit source]

Micro Project 1: Rock Wall Project For this project we were required to design and print an original rock wall hold using OpenSCAD software. The software is termed the "The Programmers Solid 3D CAD Modeller". You can download the program for free here! The link to the STL and OpenSCAD file for my rock wall hold can be found here.

Micro Project 2: Customizer Project For this project we were required to design in OpenSCAD an object that can be customizable in OpenSCAD. I created a customizable over the door hook that can altered to fit any door size. The link to the STL and OpenSCAD file for my over the door hook can be found here.

Micro Project 3: Viking/Celtic Mashup Project For this project we were assigned a random household item to create and decorate with Viking/Celtic designs or inspiration using one or more of the cad softwares we learned in class. I was assigned a Drapery tie/hook - I created my design in OpenSCAD using some aspects of my over the door hook and these Celtic Knots. The STL and OpenSCAD file for my drapery hook can by found on my YouMagine page, here.

Adaptive Aid Assignment: Sock Assist For this project we were assigned to identify Arthritis Aides or products that could be 3D printable using our RepRap printers. We were tasked with improving/reducing the cost of aides that already exist or creating a complete new one. I choose to redesign a sock assist. These design are on the market already however some are costly and the less pricey aids had negative comments. I hope that my device fills the gap! I created this design on OpenSCAD and focused on making an aid that is durable and functional. You can check out my design and OpenSCAD file on my MyMiniFactory page, here

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