just a mile to go!
Hi! My name is Devin Paine.
This is my second semester at HSU since my transfer from Cabrillo College in Aptos. I am an English Major, Environmental Ethics Minor. While I have worked with my hands in the past, it was not a huge passion. Eventually I rediscovered school through an online philosophy class and haven't looked back (much) since. Being ecologically minded however, I am necessarily an interdisciplinarian. I see ENGR305 as a challenging opportunity to fill in some of the blank spaces in my education. Hopefully, I can use some of what I learn to help my (much more mechanically inclined) dad and brother with some projects on the family place up in beautiful rural Southern Oregon.

Interests in Appropriate Technology[edit | edit source]

  • Sustenance (getting/using water; growing/foraging food) for survival
  • Alternative Transportation
  • Mythopoetics- trying to make the world a better place through story and song.

Experience in Appropriate Technology[edit | edit source]

  • I've taken a class in Organic Ag at Cabrillo. Later I tagged along with a buddy who was WWOOFing his way to the east coast. After a week's work in Utah I had a huge respect for the profession and a very real awareness that I am not a farmer. It's hard work!
  • Later that same summer (2010), I got into bicycle touring. So much fun! I biked the the best parts of our coast from the Rogue River to Santa Barbara and 'discovered' Arcata in the interim. Next up: the Southern Teir or maybe even somewhere abroad when I finish here.
  • When I settled back in Santa Cruz for the winter I got involved at Cabrillo's Bike Co-Op. Though my mechanical understanding of the Great Tool is still meager, I have become a little more comfortable with the basics.
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