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Name Andrew Demos
Affiliations Cal Poly Humboldt
Registered 2010
Impact 1,869
Contributions Arcata plastic bags
Environmental Consumer Awareness Technology

Name: Andrew B. Demos

I'm between a junior and senior at Humboldt University. I'm studying environmental science with a policy emphasis. I am hoping to get involved in some exciting revolutionary environmental actions or policies.

Interests in Technology and the Environment[edit | edit source]

  • Sustainability
  • International Affairs
  • Philosophy
  • What makes Scotch so good?

Experience in Technology and/or the Environment[edit | edit source]

  • I work as the Compost Coordinator for the Waste Reduction & Resource Awareness Program at HSU
  • Created and maintain a vermicompost bin
  • I Practice what I preach and have no hesitation to "educate" environmentally irresponsible citizens :)
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