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Dominick Dal Santo Marketing Director at Baghouse.com Corp.

Dominick Dal Santo (born February 29, 1988 Redlands, California) is environmental technologies expert and marketing executive from Oceanside, California. Currently he serves as Marketing Director at Baghouse.com Corp, a leading dust collection systems manufacturer and service provider. In addition, Dominick also works as an online marketing consultant for industrial environmental companies.

Baghouse.com[edit | edit source]

Dominick began his career at Baghouse.com Corp working in the field as a technician and welder. After leaving for several years to pursue other opportunities, Dominick returned to head up the company's marketing department. Bringing the company's marketing tactics inline with modern methods, Dominick saw the launch and rebranding of the company's website[1] and increased sales by over 200%. In addition, Dominick spearheaded efforts to make Baghouse.com a leading provider of dust collection industry news and information by launching the Baghouse.com Blog, and by contributing to numerous trade publications[2] and news sites[3].

Personal Life[edit | edit source]

Born in San Bernardino county California, Dominick spent most of his life in suburban Chicago, Illinois, he currently resides in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In addition to his work with Baghouse.com, Dominick also is a contributor to numerous travel websites and blogs, including his own where he writes about life abroad and travel. [4]Dominick is also the brother of well-known renewable energy developer Samuel Dal Santo.

References[edit | edit source]

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