It's me!

Name: Dillon Wilke

I started a company in 7th grade, It's focused around web-design, I'm self taught in learning HTML and other coding. Birdy Industries

Other stuff; I took two years of Physics in high school and through time became really interested in engineering. For a while I still wasn't sure what field to go into, I eventually settled on ERE when I found out the Humboldt's program was well known.

Interests in Engineering[edit | edit source]

I'm looking forward to finding new ways to solve our global problems with attaining energy.

I'm interested in building things that help someone/something in some way.

I want to learn new things in a field i know very little about.

Experience in Engineering[edit | edit source]

When I was 12, I built a tree house in my backyard with my Uncle.

For about a period of two years i built and shaped skateboards for myself and friends.

My current job is building websites for clients, friends, and family.

Portfolio[edit | edit source]

For Engineering 215, my group and I, Team Samoa Solutions, designed a bike powered blender. This is the document we created while designing our sheller: Mechanical Munchy-Maker
This Gannt Chart shows project planning software.
This is an Auto CAD Drawing that I have done.
This is a Memo that I made to turn in with a document.
This is a Spread Sheet.

This is my website: Birdy Industries

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