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Global Volunteer since December 2006. Organic gardener since 1968, Permaculture Design Certificate obtained January 2012 with Starhawk's Earth Activist Training. Website: Blog: Other education: Bachelor's of Food Science and Technology, and Master's in Business Administration, both from University of Minnesota

Currently promoting the planting of nut trees in cities worldwide, urban farming, time banks, compassionate communication, Co-Operative business models, the gift economy, buying only local food, bicycling, and MMP voting (as practiced in New Zealand).

I am trading my time for a place to sleep in a big old house in Portland, Oregon, so I have plenty of time to pursue my volunteer projects, and more financial resources to buy nut trees for people around the world. One day of work a week for sleeping space in a 3 ft by 7 ft closet. It's a sweet deal for all of us.

Free hugs med res .jpg

I also enjoy standing on street corners and giving free hugs to strangers.