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In The Trinities

About Me[edit]

Name: David Scully

Loves the great outdoors and mimicking nature's model for humans own use

Interests in Engineering[edit]

  • Being constructive from a hands on approach
  • Seeking solution for the many environmental issues the planet faces
  • Educating myself of information useful to small scale projects such my own home

Experience in Engineering[edit]

  • Engr. 115
  • contractor employee
  • off the grid internship

Engineering 215 portfolio[edit]

  • Cover Memo I typed for our section two design document: Cover Memo
  • My final time sheet done on Excel: Spread Sheet
  • A Gantt Chart I made on Open Pario of tasks for month of September for my design group: Gantt Chart
  • A CAD Drawing I made for metering scheme floor plan of Samoa Hostel: CAD Drawing
  • Our Groups Collaboratively Written Final Document: collaborative Document