A picture of myself back in December 2009
A picture of my home Maui-

Name: Devin Aksel Kakana Mailand Fredericksen

I was born and raised on Maui in the beautiful island chain of Hawai`i. My underlying goal, if I had to put words to it, would be to return to my ain`a, land in Hawaiian or my roots, and help the community of Maui to become self-sustainable on all levels. The Hawaiian islands have so much potential and the Native Hawaiians thrived and flourished there without the aide of modern day technology. They were sustainable in their farming practices by using terraced kalo, or taro, patches and having the water source partly diverted to these fields, had a year-round stable crop supply. Along with farming, the Hawaiians were spiritually intact with Nature and the Earth. I feel that learning from the indigenous ways and knowledge and taking that knowledge to apply it to current day issues to be solved combined with a large and prominent reduction in our lifestyles is one of the inexhaustible solutions to the current state of things. Reducing our impact locally, nationally, globally, utilizing every piece of energy, not wasting a single drop, gathering together as brothers and sisters to enjoy life and heal this place we call home and ourselves. (2010).

2011-It is so very insightful the act of self-reflection. After reading this user page I created for myself over a year ago highlights the amazing fact of the one true constant of the universe: change and impermanence. Now I have to reword my overlying goal: I live life to live it to the fullest, immersed in every moment to soak up all the information that there is while continually, unconditionally giving back all the information that I have gathered along my walk upon this Earth. Wherever I go, I gain applicable and useful skills and traits, in my perception, to offer the best service to whichever community I reside in.

I am currently attending Cal Poly Humboldt, studying and majoring in Environmental Science with a focus in energy and climate change and minoring in Geographical Information Technology.

As it stands, I am now a senior graduating in several months in May of 2011! Wow, I cannot believe that 22 years, soon come February 5, well to be accurate 19 years in this education institution called school is finally coming to an end. I am so grateful for all the experiences that I have encountered along the way and so very open and grateful for the many years to come as I continue my journey of education as it does not end here. Life trods on and so do I walking steadfast in my knowing of my responsibility to this Earth, Pachamama, and all of her beings. I am currently a project coordinator for Green Campus and will continue to work for them after graduation. I am also on the path of becoming more self-sustainable as I have two projects currently under way. I am constructing a greenhouse from recycled glass sliding doors and will have pictures and the process posted soon!!! Along with this, I am also creating a dome greenhouse for a circular bed. This project has begun with the 16 foot diameter circular bed and now the plan for the dome greenhouse is still in my brain waiting to be manifested. This too will be documented!

Above all, I enjoy life for life. "Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful"-Buddha. Every moment is a complete blessing and I am so grateful and appreciative for every single moment of every day. This breath, this moment, this perfection of our bodies holding our spirit, ALL beautiful people and beings of this Earth, how much more could anyone ask for? Toltec ancient teachings are also very influential and interesting to me and I wish to someday study and learn from a Toltec elder, if possible.

--- Interests in Appropriate Technology --[edit | edit source]

  • Indigenous technologies that harnessed the natural strength and beauty of this Earth and solar system
  • Earthen ovens
  • Natural construction-strawbale, cobb, and any other you can suggest
  • Passive
  • Solar Thermal
  • PV paint and developing technology
  • Natural cultivation methods

--- Experience in Appropriate Technology --[edit | edit source]

  • I took Engineering 215-Intro to Design class and worked for the Full Belly Project. My group and I developed a method adapted to Haiti's position with excess plastic to create a peanut sheller
  • Worked for Redwood Coast Energy Authority and helped Humboldt County residents by replacing over 8,000 compact fluorescent light bulbs.
  • Had an internship with Green Campus in 2008 and learned all about energy audits.
  • Attended a CCAT event teaching the participants about creating their own worm composting pumpkins.
  • Took Lonny's Engineering 305 class and designed a rainwater catchment system.
  • Living life and observing nature to attempt to mimic her powerful and efficient systems.
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