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About Me[edit | edit source]

My name is Daniel Freiberg, I am currently an undergraduate at Michigan Technological University studying Materials Science & Engineering with a concentration in enterprise. After graduating I plan to become a metallurgist in industry.

Hobbies[edit | edit source]

  • Single speed mountain biking
  • Mountain unicycling
  • Sea kayak adventures
  • Telemark and/or alpine skiing
  • Cooking

Experience[edit | edit source]

Work[edit | edit source]

ArcelorMittal Steel USA: Metallurgical engineering intern

  • Worked in a team environment across two primary steel producing shops
  • Collected manual steel slab measurements to improve continuous caster mold width setup tables
  • Performed statistical analysis using contingency tables to determine possible root cause of longitudinal cracks on cast slabs
  • Analyzed continuous caster cooling valves for proper function in preparation for new cooling system

Bradford White Corporation: R&D Lab intern

  • Worked with a team of lab technicians in a water heater R&D lab
  • Analyzed water heater construction and operation within test lab and manufacturing plant
  • Performed quality control tests and troubleshooting of water heaters

Michigan Tech Chemistry Learning Center: Chemistry Coach

  • Worked in a team environment with 2-5 other chemistry coaches
  • Performed one on one tutoring sessions for students enrolled in 1st year chemistry classes
  • Helped students to develop robust study skills

Projects[edit | edit source]

Advanced Metal Works Enterprise AME

Michigan Tech Solidification Theory and Practice Research Group: Characterization of Al-Si alloy using MeltLab™ Thermal Analysis System

  • Determined capabilities of software
  • Determined a method to predict volume fraction of eutectic phase using cooling curve
  • Presented results at the Northeast Wisconsin American Foundry Society chapter meeting

Extracurricular Activities[edit | edit source]

  • Mont Ripley Ski Patrol
  • Alpha Sigma Mu

Skills[edit | edit source]

  • Metallographic analysis
  • MIG welding
  • Sand Casting

Links[edit | edit source]

MY3701 Epidemiology of pacemaker implantation Public Health Reports