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Connor White, January 2018

About Me[edit]

Connor White
I grew up surrounded by redwoods a few miles from the coast in the small SF bay area town of La Honda, California. A long childhood of playing with sticks, rocks, dirt, and much time spent hiking with my parents nurtured a great appreciation for the environment, and is the root of the deep pain I feel watching humans abuse our planet to incomprehensible lengths. I spent the last eight years as a musician, primarily focusing on writing and performing electronic music but I also spent years studying the sitar and choral singing. As much as I "enjoyed" working for meager pay and struggling to afford living around the bay area, I reached a point where I felt like I had spent enough time doing something so personal and it was time to draft myself into the war against environmental destruction. I achieved more with music in those years than I imagined I would, playing on the main stage this year at the festival that inspired me to fully invest myself back in high school, having the honor of singing in Carnegie Hall with some of the best musicians I have ever practiced with, living in NYC for a couple of very interesting years, co-founding an event production company (Ephemeral Events), obtaining an A.S. degree in Music Technology, and much more. I'm so grateful for everything I have been through and am only somewhat upset to be putting my music career on the back burner. But, I have my whole life to work on that so I'm really not mad about it.

Interests in Engineering[edit]

  • Bringing engineering skills to communities across the world that do not have access to such knowledge
  • Design and build systems which offset/replace environmentally damaging systems already in place
  • Renewable energy systems and sustainable civil infrastructures

Experience in Engineering[edit]

  • Construction experience
  • Landscaping experience
  • Environmental Resource Engineering program at HSU (in progress)

Links to my life prior to HSU[edit]

1. Music:

2. Ephemeral Events