Personal Information[edit | edit source]

Rui Hu

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Current Graduate Student of Michigan Tech University
Age: 24
Nationality: China
Interest Area: Photovoltaic, wind engine, power electronics, micro grid control technic and engineering.

Relating experience so far[edit | edit source]

College Graduation project concerning testify a kind of solar cell MPPT method using Matlab/Sinmulink module.

Course project in Michigan Tech testing performance of a wind engine power tracing method under changing circumstance.

Current Project topic[edit | edit source]

Single variable detection MPPT method for solar voltaic.

project dialog[edit | edit source]

Trying to get an electrical model for PV model, a controllable current source seems to be nice, but the output voltage and current can not been stabilized simultaneously. Value for input and output capacitor need to be decided. Boost circle applied.

Record for 1/21/2014

Nicely shaped output curve of voltage and current, using the static solar cell curve without changing of radiation or temperature.
Reading materials adding, trying to add a signal sampler on model. Simulation speed decreased remarkable.

yellow:outputvoltage,red:colar cell voltage, blue:indutance current 1/26/2014

MPP tracing succeed on ideal model without interrupt of outside condition. Violation around optimization point observed. Idea about a modifying with output resistance come into mind, less relevant through.
Slight modifying for the step length and delta duty for the model, tracking succeed, vibration around the MPP observed and considered to be unavoidable, another judge device might be useful but add complexity and unstable character to the system(?). thumb:ouput power, right:duty value for boost converter 2/2/2014 2/19
Sorry for the late updating so long... Stuck in finding a comprehensive evaluation method for the model now. Working on it and fitting the solar cell model, independent battery model into the loop now. What's new and not surprising is that the single detecting MPPT would could not hold the output voltage if the PV module is to act as the voltage supporter--when the battery is uncharged at all, the PV could not give out its maximum power.
The PV module is built, can't wait to see how it works out with the mppt, several parameters need to be adjusted. Working on the scheduled test now. Later today... the tracking process seems to be fine, by slightly adjusting the load resistant the PV could support the grid voltage and charge the battery successfully.
Testing!wait one....
Method seems to work well sudden change of irradiation and temperature, as the power figure showed, it traced down the point when the curve shift while the temperature changes, while when the irradiation increase the duty circle is held.
Hey guys, the method turned out to be not working very well under a high frequency operated system... well I admit that I have set the switching frequency too low at the beginning... Here I have adapt the method with the PI control-- send the deviation (that calculated from current and duty circle) as the input to the PI control and let the PI control do the job! The result showed this combination could work... but seems to be unstable and needs adjustment.... working on that...

VI curve and PV curve of the PV module built 2/25
output power under changing circumstances 3/3

Hey everyone sorry for the late updating, busy on all final seminar stuffs... what the current sensor MPPT proposed has turned out to be works well and another one with voltage sense was come out too! So excited about it, a report about them is in writing process now...

Method Introduction[edit | edit source]

The model was built using the Matlab/Simulink R2013a version, the electrical loop can be easily transfered into differential equations and the control circle would need some sample model, right now I am working on transfer the entire model to some open source code. Still I am looking for a thorough evaluation method or process for PV-MPPT model on its efficiency and behavior under different circumstances, please fell free to contact me if you have any useful information and interested in participating in this project.
Details about the method and model is in Method instruction.

Useful materials[edit | edit source]

Material database

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