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Hello, my name is Connor Lathrop.
I am a Junior at HSU, and my major is Environmental Science, with a focus on Energy and Climate.

Interests in Appropriate Technology[edit | edit source]

  • How it can be used to help people in poverty/developing countries make conscious environmentally friendly decisions.
  • Being in energy and climate, I feel that being in this class will show me different types of technology that can be used to help address the problems that affect our climate everyday.
  • I think that a place like the Bay Area, which is my home, could definitely use some forms of appropriate technology to help aid with the issues of air pollution, and maybe counteract the effects of the large population there.
  • I really love the ocean, and I am always interested in hearing and learning about different types of technology that can help return the ocean to a healthy state

Experience in Appropriate Technology[edit | edit source]

  • This past summer I was granted an internship position with an old family friend. He runs an organization in Hayward, CA called GroundZone Environmental Services that does work for the county regarding green tech and things along those lines. Most of my work over that summer was taking photos and video documenting the construction process of various apparatuses like rain water treatment facilities, bio-swales, wetland irrigation systems, and other large devices.These devices are intended to catch rain and runoff water and prevent it from getting into the bay and rivers, in accordance with the Clean Water act. I also conducted work that involved sampling soils to detect for harmful substances like asbestos and other metals, as well as supervising and inspecting boring sites.

Below I will add in some photos from where I worked last year

Biio Retention area 3.jpeg

. Bio Retention area 5.jpeg. Bio Retention area 3 2.jpeg. Final Outcome.jpeg

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