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Graduation at Petaluma High School, 2014

About Me[edit]

  • Merissa Coello
  • I am a motivated student at HSU to improve my surrounding environment. I am very passionate about the planet I am apart of and I came here to HSU to major in Environmental Resources Engineering to be able to assist the types of life possible.

Interests in Engineering[edit]

  • Water Quality
  • Indoor/Outdoor Air Quality
  • Efficient Energy Systems/Usage

Experience in Engineering[edit]

  • Autodesk 3D Animation Class
  • Concern about our planet/species health
  • Presenting tours at the Petaluma Wildlife Museum


This section is some brief examples on the skills I posses along with some project I have worked on.

  • During Engineering 215, Introduction to Design my team Porta Possibilities and I constructed a Design Document. This Design Document describes our design process while making our client, Zane Middle School an recycling cleaning cart SmartCart.
  • This memo was turned in during the editing of the Design Document to receive edits on a specific section.
  • This spreadsheet is an example of my experience with spreed sheet programs 215 Timesheet
  • This AutoCad PDF is an one of my examples of my work with CAD software.
  • This Gannt Cart is an example of my experience with project planning software