Biography[edit | edit source]

I'm Christian Moore and I am a student at Principia College. I come from Clarendon Hills IL and I am majoring in biology. I spend my time swimming, hanging out with friends, and educating myself on anything that I find interesting (including anything from animal cognition to philosophy). I chose to get involved in 3D printing because it sounded like a fun science class that I'd love to be a part of since I enjoy creating things.

Involvement in the Open Source Movement[edit | edit source]

The open source movement is best described as a movement that encourages the use of open source programs, allowing others to use their work however they need. I consider this sentiment admirable, as I feel like it is the best way to send ones creations into the world and to allow them to be edited and improved. So this movement is not only altruistic but it also allows us to more easily progress as a society without the barriers built around intellectual properties. Building a Jellybox was how I participated in the movement because it is a build built from the movement itself. The prints I will be creating will also be from the open source movement, from open source websites such as Thingiverse.

Demo stuff[edit | edit source]

Picture Stuff Describe something else
Image0.jpg Preliminary Print For this print I made sure to add supports as there were plenty of overhangs and in general places where the print could have messed up. This did however make it hard to groom afterwards and the top of the model (it was printed upside down) suffers because of it. It failed at first so I decided to slow down the print as it was clear it was being printed far too quickly, which seemed to fix any problems I had. These problems consisted of the fact that the overhangs were not done correctly as the nozzle moved too fast to put filament down where it should have gone and that the print itself got moved by the nozzle on accident.

Image1.jpg Replacement Part This is a corner piece that I printed out.
Holeinmycouch.jpg FreeCAD Project I had some trouble printing this piece, and the final product was actually something I used to figure out what problems I was having with my pieces prior as I had not seen them firsthand. However, miraculously this piece printed perfectly despite being put on a higher speed setting and also despite the fact it was printed in a way where part of its hole became an overhang that was not supported at all.
Cameralens.jpg Blender Project This piece was hard to get working due to errors I made with the height of my nozzle. However once fixed the print turned out very well.
Rockwall.jpg Customizer Project This is an editted rock wall printed from a file our instructor uploaded to Thingiverse. It was created using OpenSCAD and I got this design by playing around with the measurements on the program.

Nucleotide.jpg Educational Aide Project This was created with Blender, and had a lot of issues with non manifold edges. It took awhile to figure everything out but was luckily saved by some utilization of Netfabb. This was created for a biology teacher as an example of a nucleotide that makes up DNA.
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