Overview[edit | edit source]

WHO Indonesia (?) goal #5 for 2011: Community consciousness and awareness about key elements of health policy grows.

  • Disaster preparedness key messages
  • Maternal, child and adolescent health, NCD, Drugs

first thoughts:

  • improve accessibility of Appropedia to an Indonesian audience:
    • (short term) machine translation option in the skin, a la Wikiprogress.org (they have it in the footer, but we could make it more prominent)
    • (medium term) engagement with Indonesian communities
    • (medium term) engagement with Indonesian universities, for cooperation on content and translation
    • (medium term) identify Indonesian language material which we can use
    • (medium term) set up either an Indonesian subdomain, or a "cooker" subdomain for other languages so the languages are easier to manage.
  • improve relevant content areas, in both English and Indonesian
    • Launch content initiatives in specified areas mentioned above, follow the plans for finding interns, identifying public domain and open licensed content and porting that.

Also keep in mind these links which show:

Specific content areas: This would be discussed further in the early stages of the project, but might include earthquake, flood, volcanic eruption and epidemic preparedness. Note our relationships with Practical Action, AIDG and the influenza epidemic preparedness communities and their work in these areas.

Funding: identify possible joint donors (both during proposal process and afterwards).

Budget[edit | edit source]

We need numbers for proposals - say, what we can do for $10,000, $20,000, $30,000. ($60,000 or higher is too high for this project.)

Reference points, examples[edit | edit source]

Note Budget Breakdown for Siska's successful project proposal with the Wikimedia Foundation.

Budget proposals[edit | edit source]

Discussion[View | Edit]

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