Colton Nelson[edit | edit source]

Colton Nelson
I am a Senior computer engineering and I will be graduating in the Spring of 2020. After I graduate I will be continuing to work at Miller Electric as a software engineer.

Interests[edit | edit source]

  • esports
  • basketball
  • fishing/hunting

Enterprise[edit | edit source]

Fall 2019: Industrial Recyclebot V2[edit | edit source]

This semester we started designing the second version of the Industrial Recycle Bot. At this point in the project we have most of our hardware picked out and have recieved most of it. In the near future we will begin assembly of sub systems and begin creation and testing of our individual basic code function. With in our project I have been responsible for selecting and sourcing all of our electronics and I have also assisted dylan with sourcing and selection of parts for our new roller assemblies and our new extruder. I also spent a significant amount of time early in the year to find as much information on the Recycle Bot V5.1 with the goal of using their automation techniques in our bot. For next semester we should have the majority of our components ordered and we will begin creating the software that will control our system.

Spring 2020: Industrial Recyclebot V2[edit | edit source]

This semester our team finalized our first prototype design for the Industrial Recycle Bot and began assembling it before COVID-19 shut down our physical work. I spent most of this semester designing the wiring for connecting all of our parts and deciding how each element would communicate with each other. I started to created all the wiring harnesses that will be used to connect all our individual devices to the main arduino. I started verification testing on each individual element to ensure we had the ability to effectively control each of them. As of spring break when our in person work was suspended I had verified the functionality of our heating system and was in the process of troubleshooting our stepper motor system. After in person work was suspended I pivoted to documenting all the resources I used this semester as well as all of the parts that we chose to use. I created a full BOM for our robot as well as a document which describes each parts function, why we chose it, and how it connects to the broader system.

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