Capturing the sunset within the Redwood Forest.
User data
Name Chloe
Affiliations Humboldt State University
Nationality United States
Languages English
Skills Environmental Writing
Interests Political Ecology, Philosophy of Nature, Environmental Ethics
Registered 2021

I am a undergrad student at Humboldt State University. While I am currently working towards an Environmental Studies degree (and philosophy minor), I am looking to build an emphasis in Appropriate Technology. As my experience throughout Humboldt continues to grow, i've been able to volunteer at local beaches, get campus club involvement, and meet inspirational people along my journey in restoring the human-nature nexus. In my own community, and outside of the U.S, my goals are to create sustainable developments through the interdisciplinary lens of art, economy, culture, and science. My interests outside seeking environmental/social justice are rock climbing, photography, and walking along the coast.