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Cheryl at home

About Me[edit]

Cheryl Hartman
I live in southern Humboldt. I have two sons, Jeff and Chris. Jeff is living in an RV in my backyard at this time and Chris just moved to Chicago. Chris graduated from HSU in 2008. I have a small house on a little over an acre with fruit and walnut trees and a garden. The yard work is taken care of by four black sheep which I haven't yet sheared this year. I use hand shears, not electric. I also have a dog, a cat, bees, and chickens. Highway 36 is in front of my house and the Van Duzen River and Cummings Creek is in back. Wildlife visits daily.

Interests in Technology and the Environment[edit]

  • I am an Environmental Policy major at Humboldt State University
  • I like computers and have maintained a small commercial website since 2000
  • I am interested in cleaner energy sources, population issues, and smaller human footprints.
  • I like aviation. Do you know that electric airplanes are being developed?

Experience in Technology and/or the Environment[edit]

  • I regularly use a shovel and a chainsaw
  • I have built fences and sheds. I can do all home maintenance, although I prefer to have help.
  • I can ride a motorcycle, sail a boat, and fly a small airplane.
  • I have food generation, preparation, and storage knowledge.