Getting ready to prepare a solution for a storm jar.

I am currently attending Cal Poly Humboldt as an undergraduate in the Environmental Resources Engineering (ERE) program. I have always been fascinated in exploring how the world and technologies around me work. I enjoy troubleshooting and repairing any broken thing I have access to. I look forward to completing my B.S. degree in ERE and applying my knowledge and skills to the environment.

Interests in Engineering[edit | edit source]

  • Renewable Energy Systems
  • Water Management
  • Sustainable Solutions
  • Excuse to tinker with stuff

Experience in Engineering[edit | edit source]

  • Lifetime of tinkering with things
  • ENGR 210 HSU - Statics Mechanics
  • ENGR 215 HSU - Intro to Design
  • Rube Goldberg Machine Design (Extremely limited time frame) YouTube Link

Portfolio[edit | edit source]

Examples of my work while attending the HSU ERE program.

Discussion[View | Edit]

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